RF & Microwave Toolbox 1.67 Free Download

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RF & Microwave toolbox for RF/microwave/electronic/EMC engineers.

RF & Microwave toolbox

with the following tools:

1) PI and T attenuator

2) Reflectometer (VSWR, Return loss)

3) Mismatch error limits (VSWR, Return loss)

4) Microstrip (impedance/dimensions)

5) Stripline (impedance/dimensions)

6) Coplanar waveguide (impedance/dimensions)

7) Coupled microstrip (impedance/dimensions)

8) Coupled stripline (impedance/dimensions)

9) Power and voltage converter

10)Field intensity and power density converter

11)Parallel LCR impedance/resonance

12)Series LCR impedance/resonance

13)Inductor impedance

14)Capacitance impedance

15)Ohm's Law

16)Radar equation calculator (2-way path loss)

17)Radio equation calculator (1-way path loss)

18)Air Core Inductor Inductance Calculator

19)Capacitor impedance

20)Noise floor

21)Amplifier cascade (NF, Gain, P1db, OIP2, OIP3)

22)Skin depth

23)Low Pass filter

24)High Pass filter

25)Helical antenna

26)Band Pass filter

27)Peak to RMS (peak, RMS, average, CF)

28)Mixer harmonics

29)Image rejection

30)Frequency Band Designations

31)Wilkinson power divider

32)Rat race coupler

33)Branchline coupler

34)EMC (EIRP, ERP, dBuV/m)

Please let me know if there are electronic and rf & microwave related tools that you would like to be added.

You can send me an email for a feature request

System Requirements:

No special requirements

RF & Microwave Toolbox 1.67 Free Download screenshot